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The text of the speech the topic of the importance of traffic lights to the road users

Hallo Ladies and Gentleman, The first i say praise gratitude the presence of god because the gift of her we could gathered on a lovely this. Now i will explain speech the importance of the traffic lights againts the road users. Traffic in indonesia is increasing due to rapid population growth, as the increase in population that travel. This due to several factors and one of them is the driver of the vehicle, condition of vehicle, road conditions and traffic lights. On the life of today’s society, transportation is one thing that is very important. For the individual and today’s society, transportation is as if as a part of life because humans who also have the properties of moving or mobility as a social being.
            Traffic order is a state of road traffic lasts regularly in accordance with the right and obligation every road user. (Article 1 item 32 of the LAW number 22 year 2009 about traffic and road transportation). The problem of order traffic on the highway is a shared responsibility, not just the police but all road users. All road users have a duty to obey the rules of traffic. Things like this at least reduce the high rate of the crash on the highway, many more regulation on the highway that we should be obey that is not ran a red light, using a helmet national standards indonesia (SNI) each of two-wheeled vehicles and also very rider motorists should have a complete so doesn’t happen things we don’t want. But still many motorists who do not ignore it as it is so much of the violations of the traffic on the highway that resulted in the high rate of the accident, a lot of victims who lost lives on the highway due to recklessness and doesn’t meet traffic regulations. Discipline in traffic on the highway, especially in the big cities every day solid with the vehicle so that the state of our traffic still more the impression of a chaotic or messy. Discipline it is beautiful but do we instill the spirit of discipline in ourselves. In fact there is still a lot of found violations of discipline especially in terms of discipline traffic. Therefore let us together maintain the order and safety of traffic on the highway, so that the creation of order and security. So ladies and gentleman i conclude, hopefully it can build our collective consciouness to realize that the importance of obeying traffic rules on the highway. Thank’s

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Topic 6 : My Future Business

My Future Business

Before explained my business in the future, First of all i have to complete the collage in Faculty Engineering Untan. The reason i finish collage first, in order to focus on the studies that i live the study program of civil engineering. I never experienced supervise drainage work, survey field measure the building but at the moment i have not finish collage it feels heavy to bear because the split time and at different focal points. Okay i just discussed the topic of my business in the future is to become a contractor. The contractor that i mean in the field that is not deviated from the world of civil engineering. The plan that i made before becoming a contractor that is looking for the experienceof being a planning consultant, consultant supervisor, understand the application programming and other experiences in the field of civil engineering. Basic thinking i choose the business contractors in the future is to build and give the facilities are safe, strong and economic. Be contractors it was his job to solve a problem in to him by giving the task of or owner of the project, For example to change the empty into a area ready to wear consisting of the building complete with other properties.
That needs to be in a note quality standards contractors:
1. Timely complete the construction in accordance with the term of the contract that has been agreed. If it could be faster then would be better.
2. Maintain a good relationship with the owner, suppliers, local communities and the parties associated with the smooth running of the project.
3. Run the mandate as well as possible
4, The standard quality of the building best
5. Quick response if there a complaint from the owner then it would be better if the immediately given feedback
6. To be honest, if detrimental to the owner of the project then the next owner will think twice to give you the confidence to build your next project again
7. Smart in work, understands the science of building so that it can complete the construction with good
8. Drawing according drawing plan
9. Choose the method of work to complete each item of work with cost as cheap as possible but still good quality and finished in quick time
10. The project team is compact so that it can cooperate and work with the maximum
11. Zero accident or trying to accidents in the project
12. Control of the cost of, time and quality of the project
13. The marketing or promotion to get the project need in note well
14. Signed up to the association contractors so that the network business increasingly large
15. Resolve all permission with great so as not interfere with the course of the project
16. The safety of the project also need to in precaution of well
17. Conscientious in work, sought to avoid going wrong in carrying out the project
18. The setting traffic management is good is setting traffic project that more efficient in terms of the time and the cost of.

The explanation short in the business in the front of me. Thank's

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Discuss the speech

Group 4

1. What is speech ?
2. What aspect must has speech? Before delivering the speech?
3. Prepare a topic of speech for midterms?


1. Speech is a speker expression of ideas or opinions. That is made by someone who is speaking in         front of public or a group of people.

2. The aspects in speech are:
    - Message
    - Speaker
    - Audience
    - Channel
    - Feedback
    - Noise
    - Setting

   Before delivering the speech, we must choose the topic and know what problem happen. Arrange        the points of the problem that will be discuss. Find the problem solving, learned the materials and        practice it. And than prepare your self.

3. Name : U. Farizi Asnawi
    NIM   : D111 12 031
    Study Program : Civil Engineering
    Speech : The importance of traffic lights against motorists

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This is the course assignment

The questions of watching the movie "Akeelah and the bee"

  1. Who is your most favorite character in this movie? Why do like him/her?
  2. What is yor favorite scene? What has that scene taht you?
  3. Mention a least 10 words with their definition from the movie?


1.   Dr. Larabee, because he actually realizedthe talent akeelah but Akeelah no too excited about the race spelling be that is a race to spell words in the english language. With the guidance of Dr. Larabee for a few months, Akeelah was able to qualify at the district level.

2.  When the race in los angeles, Akelaah, Javier and dylan set off down there with their guardian each. In the last round, the remaining Akeelah and Dylan. Dylan looks nervous when his father staring with a face furious. Akelaah also noticed that Dad Dylan is so eager for the victory his son. They ultimately support each other to victory the both of them. Finally, Akeelah and Dylan be the same be the winner in the spelling be in that year. Things we can learn everything we fear to be our opponents with confidence.

3.  - Pastiche: a literary, artistic, musical or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work.
-  Correspond: To communicate with a person by exchange of latters
-  Placid: Serenly free of interruption or disturbance
-  Eminent: Exhibiting eminence especially in standing above others in some quality or position
-  Doubt: Find myself doubting him even when i know that he is honest
- Fanciful:marked by fancy or unrestrained imagination rather than by reason and experience
-  Hypertrophic: Exhibiting hypertrophy (enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or part of the body due to increased size of the constituent cells), as in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
-  Prestidigitation: Prestidigitation is the process of doing a magic trick by hand
-  Grovel: to give oneself over to what is base or unworthy
-  Rhesus: a macaque, Macaca mulatta, of India, used in experimental medicine.

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Topic 5 : How to ....

How to playing futsal


Lately, the sport of futsal is increasingly more and more in the favorite by the word community, including indonesia. Sport created by juan carlos ceriani in 1930, ceived special attention in all of south america, especially in Brasil because of its uniqueness. As with any sport, the sport of futsal is also played by two teams. But in the game of sports football each team consists of 11 people, while the futsal only 5 people for each team.

The term “futsal” is the internationl which is derived from the word Spanish or Portuguese, futbol and sala. In the history of the sport of futsal, more or less 17 times held the championship of futsal or futsal world cup which is held in different parts of the world. 

First international match was held in 1965 , paraguay won the cup the first south american. Six of the seizure of the cup of south america next held up to 1979 and all the title of champion in the broom runs out of brasil. Futsal match the first international held in the U.S. in December 1985, at Sonoma State University in ronhert park, California.
The world championship of futsal was held for the help FIFUSA (before the members of its members joined FIFA IN 1989) in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1982, ended with Brasil in first position. Brasil to repeat his victory at the world champoinships in both 1985 in Spain, but suffered defeat of Paraguay in the world championship the third year of 1988 in Australia.

Wide Futsal

1.   Size : Long 25-42 M x width 15-25 M
2.   The boundary line : The line width 8 Cm, namely the touch line on the sides, goal lines at the ends of the tip and the line across the middle of the field : 3 m centre circle, no wall or board
3.   The penalty area: Arc measuring 6 m from each post.
4.   Line Penalty: 6 m from the midpoint of the goal line
5.   The lines of the second penalty: 12 m from the midpoint of the goal line
6.   Zone of the turn: Area 6 m (3 m on each side of the center line of the field) on the sides of the stands from throwing.
7.   Gate : Long 2 m x width 3 m
8.   The surface area of pitching: Smooth, flat and non abrasive

Product Specification Futsall Ball
1.      Size : diameter 4
2.      Circumference: 62 – 64 cm
3.      Heavy: 390-430 gr
4.      Bounce: 55-65 cm on the reflection of the first
5.      Material: Leather or other suitable material (material not dangerous)

The number of futsal players per team
1.   Number of players maximum to start match: 5, one goal keeper
2.   The number of players at least to end the match: 2 (not including injuries)
3.   The number of reserve players a maximum: 7 people
4.   The referee counts: 3 people
5.   The number of law line: 0
6.   Limit the number of substitutions: Unlimited
7.   The method of alternation: the alternation of drifting (all players except the goalkeeper may enter and leave the field anytime, the turn of the goalkeeper can only be done if the ball is not being played and with the approval of the referee)
8.   The referee was not allowed to step on the arena field should only be beyond the line of the field course, an exception if there is a violation the violation of which should enter the field.

Long Futsal Game
1.   Long normal: 2 x 20 minutes
2.   Long break: 10 minutes
3.   Long time extension: 2 x 10 minutes (when the result is still the home draw after 2 x 10 minutes time normal
4.   The are on penalties (maximal 3 goal) if the goal of both teams the current series extension time is over
5.   The time change of the: a maximum of 10 minutes

Tutorial how to playing futsal

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Topic 4 : Ask An Expert

Assalamualaikum Miss Dini Haiti Zulfany. How are you miss? May we always be healthy and give protection to god. Following this assignment in topic 4: Ask An Expert

Convertation how to make a cake

Hasil gambar untuk rainbow cake

Vino: Hey, how are you Amanda? By the way, I’d like to say thanks for your invitation.
Amanda: I am very well Vino. Okay, let’s go to my lovely kitchen.
Vino: Sure. I’ll follow you. 
Amanda: What are we making, Amanda?
Vino: I know that your kitchenware is complete enough to make everything. How about Rainbow Cake? 
Amanda: I love that cake very much. But, I’ve never made it before.
Vino: It is so easy Wi. I bring my recipe’s book.
Amanda: That’s good. What ingredients that we need? 
Vino: Let me check the recipe. Okay, here is the material; we need butter, milk, flour, some eggs, sugar, cochineal, baking powder and water.
Amanda: A moment please. Well, I’ve got the ingredients on the table. Now what?
Vino: Mix up the sugar, butter in mixing bowl while I heat up the milk. Then we will mix it together. 
Amanda: Okay! Let’s do it! How about the eggs? 
Vino: Give it to me please. I will combine it.
Amanda: Sure. By the way, why do you like cooking very much?
Vino: Since childhood my mother always took me to help her in the kitchen. So, over time I will love to cook. And how about you? 
Amanda: My father is a chef at Rainbow Hotel.
Vino: Wow! Are you sure? That’s why your kitchen is like a professional and these are a gift from your father, am I right?
Amanda: Yes. This is the special gift when I was seventeen years old. How about our cake, Vino? 
Vino: It’s almost finished. We just need to bake them now. Then, our rainbow cake is ready to be served.
Amanda: Ok. It looks so delicious. Thank you for helping me today Vino.
Vino: You are very welcome Amanda.
Amanda: By the way, may I borrow your recipe, please?
Vino: Sure. This is my cookbook. You can also get some delicious food recipe there.
Amanda: Okay. I think we can cook some traditional food next time.
Vino: I’ll love it. Hey, look! Our cake is ready to be served! 
Amanda: Yes, let’s eat!
Vino: Wait… wait… Let’s have a sit, dear. I will serve a special slice of that cake only for you.
Amanda: Yup, I need to get my bookcook to copy your recipe.

Vino: Okay!