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Topic 4 : Ask An Expert

Assalamualaikum Miss Dini Haiti Zulfany. How are you miss? May we always be healthy and give protection to god. Following this assignment in topic 4: Ask An Expert

Convertation how to make a cake

Hasil gambar untuk rainbow cake

Vino: Hey, how are you Amanda? By the way, I’d like to say thanks for your invitation.
Amanda: I am very well Vino. Okay, let’s go to my lovely kitchen.
Vino: Sure. I’ll follow you. 
Amanda: What are we making, Amanda?
Vino: I know that your kitchenware is complete enough to make everything. How about Rainbow Cake? 
Amanda: I love that cake very much. But, I’ve never made it before.
Vino: It is so easy Wi. I bring my recipe’s book.
Amanda: That’s good. What ingredients that we need? 
Vino: Let me check the recipe. Okay, here is the material; we need butter, milk, flour, some eggs, sugar, cochineal, baking powder and water.
Amanda: A moment please. Well, I’ve got the ingredients on the table. Now what?
Vino: Mix up the sugar, butter in mixing bowl while I heat up the milk. Then we will mix it together. 
Amanda: Okay! Let’s do it! How about the eggs? 
Vino: Give it to me please. I will combine it.
Amanda: Sure. By the way, why do you like cooking very much?
Vino: Since childhood my mother always took me to help her in the kitchen. So, over time I will love to cook. And how about you? 
Amanda: My father is a chef at Rainbow Hotel.
Vino: Wow! Are you sure? That’s why your kitchen is like a professional and these are a gift from your father, am I right?
Amanda: Yes. This is the special gift when I was seventeen years old. How about our cake, Vino? 
Vino: It’s almost finished. We just need to bake them now. Then, our rainbow cake is ready to be served.
Amanda: Ok. It looks so delicious. Thank you for helping me today Vino.
Vino: You are very welcome Amanda.
Amanda: By the way, may I borrow your recipe, please?
Vino: Sure. This is my cookbook. You can also get some delicious food recipe there.
Amanda: Okay. I think we can cook some traditional food next time.
Vino: I’ll love it. Hey, look! Our cake is ready to be served! 
Amanda: Yes, let’s eat!
Vino: Wait… wait… Let’s have a sit, dear. I will serve a special slice of that cake only for you.
Amanda: Yup, I need to get my bookcook to copy your recipe.

Vino: Okay! 

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Topic 3: I can't imagine life without ...

Assalamualaikum Miss Dini Haity Zulfany. In topic 3 we are told can not imagine without what? according to the i can't imagine without electricity because humans depend to a source of electrical power in everyday life in this modern era. Electricity is one of the needs of the community are very important and as a source of economical power of the most major need in a business activity, whether at home, office, or other place. In the absence of electricity the movement of the wheel of life human influence. Let alone a day, an hour just power outages of course we will feel a little deserted, disappointed and even upset if in the day or the hour, there is a specific event that is dear to miss if the power goes out, a lot of work that can be abandoned, the solution prepared ganset to anticipation of a power outage. However, in rural that is located far from the city have yet to get the priority of the power plant which is provided by the government. Many know that the source of electricity is largely generated by a few large power plants that require the most of the natural resources of mineral such as geothermal, coal, petroleum and natural gas. As the development time people think to find a solution that does not rely on the government. One of the ideal of rural communities is utilizing  a protected forest which has the contour  of a steep and average have of the river that every year flows because of the protected forest has a function as retaining the rain water can be a strategic place for the beginning of the construction of small scale power plants also known as micro-hydro power plant. My view in the source of electric power in the future frugality in the use of electricity to source the remaining energy can be utilized at a later day. Thank’s

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

Topic 2 : My skills

Assalamualaikum. Miss Dini Haiti Zulfany. What’s up miss? Hopefully we are fine and with the patronage of his. On the second topic of the English assignment, i will briefly describe the expertise in had on me. First of all i will introduce my hobby. A hobby is something that makes a person to be motivated and feel happy that we are doing in the hobby. Starting from a hobby will make who are accustomed to it becomes our expertise on ourselves. My hobby is playing a musical instrument, capture the moment via digital camera, photo editing through photoshop application, drawing building engineering through the application of autocad, campus organizations that are constructive. One of the skills i have is to play a musical instrument and capture the moment via digital camera but one of the skills that appear from my self is to play a musical instrument. A musical instrument that i have mastered is drum. My skills on drums musical instrument originated from a interest in a musician named Bimo Setiawan Almachzumi aka Bim Bim ‘Slank’. According to me he is a musician who is very influential in music in Indonesia through the lyric that touch people and are competent. A lot of controversy which through him from the past but from the lessons he we can learn wisdom in every journey of his. In musical instrument the drums, I learned his own and to learn from comrades who have ability on the instrument. Trying to train diligently that could eventually and became a hobby and my own ability. The reason my hobby to play drums musical instrument is like creating a beautiful tone and wanted to create lyrics that are benefical to the listener. Thank’s.

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Tugas Bahasa Inggris UNIT 4 hal 28-29

C. Word parts: uni       Example: universal
1.    Find five words with uni in the puzzle and circle them. Check their meanings. See page 97 if you need help.
2.    Complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle.
1.    Rita is a university student.
2.    The desire  for love is universal.
3.    The universe began about 14 bilion years ago.
4.    East and West Germany were unified in 1990.
5.    At many schools, students must wear a uniform.

3.    Reading skills
A.    Pre-reading questions
1.      In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they make our lives worse?
-  I think in the future robots can help human for work and i think some  day robots can take me to other planet and robots can make humans to be lazy for work.
2.      What kinds of robots would you like to see?
-  The Robots go to outer space to find out if an other planets there is life besides on earth.

B.     Reading
Paragraph 1: Line into 5 up to 11.
Paragraph 2: Line into 13 up to 15.
Paragraph 3: Line into 21 up to 24.

C.    Identifying topic and main idea
Read the questions below and circle the correct answers according to the text.
1.      Which of the following best describes the topic of the text?
D.     Computers in our lives
2.      Which of the following best describes the main idea of the text?
A.    Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

E.     Identifying unnecessary information
Which one of the following three opinions would the author probably disagree with?
B.  It is clear that we live happier and healthier lives because of modern technology.

Going beyond the text
Work with a partner or in small groups. Ask and answer the questions below.
3.    Look at the list of jobs below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future? Why or why not?
·      Singer: Can keep me entertained.
·      Police officer: I think robots can be police officer in the future because if robots to be police officer the robots can save the world from criminal.
·      Airline pilot: I think robots can be airline pilot in the future because not feel tired when long fly.
·      Cook: I think robots can’t be cooker in the future because robots can’t feel a sensation of food.
·      Doctor: I think robots can’t be doctor because with the high technology robots can detection disiase.
·      Taxi driver: I think robots can’t be sleepy in a driver car.
·      Store clerk: I think robots can’t be store clerk in the future because robots slow move serve customer.
·      Teacher: I think robots can’t be teacher because i don’t agree with it because a people more smart than robots.

Tugas bahasa inggris UNIT 4 hal 25-26

In the home

1.     Critical cartoons
A.  Warm up
Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.
1.      How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.
-     I used at least air conditioner, smartphone, computer, rice cooker, printer, dispencer, television, listen to music and seterika.
2.      What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
-     It would be great if robots could clean room, cook and message in view of the positive side but viewing from the negative side we so lazy.
3.      Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?
-     I think we should studywriting, sport and walking. For example, sport make us more healthy, fit and fresh.

2.     Core vocabulary
A.  Scanning and skimming
Adopt = appoint, raise           The majority of parents/spouses who do not have children to be raised as his son.
Aid     = Help                         Help people in the surrounding.
Career = Work history            Work history someone that in working on.
Code   = Password                 Password associated with said secret.
Doubt = Hesistant                  Doubt was something we believe it or not.
Effort = Exertion                   Tryig to is a way to reach something.
Force  = Strength                   The power is power that is able to produce.
Oppose = Contra, resist          Fight is something that you want to face.
Potential = Skill                      The ability that stands out n a person.

Serve  = Supply                      Serving something.